2016 BACS Writing Portfolio Awards

Each year, BACS recognizes excellence in writing by awarding prizes to the best work in 1st and 2nd year Academic Writing classes. Students in both years are required to keep a portfolio of writing. These writings tasks—themed paragraph writing, book reports, research and opinion essays, and other kinds of writing—are produced in all Language Program courses (Oral Communication, Reading, Presentation and Computer classes) and submitted to the Academic Writing teachers as part of the course assessment. Work is also added from the Academic Writing class. At the end of the year, 1st and 2nd year writing teachers meet to decide the the Best Essay, the Best Portfolio and the Most Improved Writer.

Students receive Writing Portfolio AwardsBACS is proud to announce the winners of this year’s Writing Portfolio Awards. We would like to extend a warm thank-you to all teachers who worked with students on their writing this year. Names and winning essays are published in BACS’ English Society journal.


1st Year Writing Awards

Best Portfolio:

Yuriko Yoshikawa

Most Improved Writer:

Miku Tsunashima

Best Essay:

Megumi Hoshi for “The Prevention and Treatment of Pollinosis”

2nd Year Writing Awards

Best Portfolio:

Riki Hotta

Most Improved Writer:

Masato Miyazaki

Best Essay:

Hina Ono for “Reasons for the Low Percentage of Single-Parent Students Enrolling in University”

Students receive Writing Portfolio Awards

Yuma Suzuki, who was away in the US for one year, was awarded her prize for Best Essay for 2015.

BACS Students Present Three Short Plays

On Wednesday, January 18th, students in English Project Workshop 1: Drama Performance presented three short comedy skits under the direction of John Lenihan.

“Tom, Emily, Marian and Max” takes place in Tokyo as two couples meet in Disneyland. It starred Mihori, Rina, Yumi and Yuko.

“Gerry Thatcher’s Party” follows Horace, who tries unsuccessfully to ask out a lady guest at the party, and starred Sehina, Erika, Mayu, Yuki, and Keiko and.

Set in Rome and starring Sehina, Yuko, Moe and Eriko, “Giovanni’s Cafe” features lovers on their second honeymoon and the chance meeting of an old girlfriend and a mysterious waiter.

RIna and Mihori in "Giovanni's Cafe"
RIna and Mihori in “Giovanni’s Cafe”

“Gerry Thatcher’s Party” and “Giovanni’s Cafe” were reprised by another cast of actors. Chisato, Jyune, Marina and Kanami starred “Party”; Rina, Yumi, Mihori, and Kazuki in “Cafe.” The reprised “Givanni’s Cafe” featured a delightful song and dance number by Yumi and Rina.

The plays were performed on the big stage in room 431, doors opened at 1:45.

English Project Workshop is part of BACS’ new third-year Professional English Program. You can learn more about the program here: English / 日本語 .

Pop Culture Workshop 13

BACS held its 13th annual Pop Culture Workshop on Saturday, January 21st in the L. S. Wing.

lecture by Professor Sumiko Shirai on Anne of Green Gables
Professor Sumiko Shirai gave a talk on Anne of Green Gables

Fifteen students gave research presentations on a variety of topics related to music, literature, history media and cultural studies. A keynote lecture by Professor Sumiko Shirai of Shirayuri University in Tokyo closed the event.

Third-year BACS students were joined by four conference participants from Nagoya University. Topics included the culture and politics of World’s Fairs, cultural policy in Canada and the theme of the road in American film and literature.

A number of talks focused 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, also known as the Columbian Exposition: the ferris wheel as a symbol of the fair, the experience of native Americans at the fair, the lively appeal of the fair’s midway plaisance, and “the war of the currents” between inventors Edison and Tesla.

HIrotaka NIshimura discusses America's first serial killer
HIrotaka NIshimura discusses America’s first serial killer

Attendees were also treated to the macabre story of America’s first serial killer, who stalked the fair grounds. Other presenters dealt with Canada’s support for its music industry, the origins of Canada’s French immersion education and its Canadian flag, and the situation of aboriginal youth today.

A special session focused on the road in American film and literature with discussions of John Ford’s The Grapes of Wrath, Ridley Scott’s Thelma and Louise and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Haruka Kawasaki talks about the influence of Japanese painters on Western art
Haruka Kawasaki talks about the influence of Japanese painters on Western art

Other highlights included a talk on the influence of Japanese ukiyo-e prints on European art and the distorted image of aboriginal people in North America.

Professor Shirai, chair of the Department of Children’s Culture at Shirayuri University in Tokyo, gave a lively and informative talk entitled “Canadian Culture through Anne of Green Gables,” delving into a number of fascinating aspects of the classic Canadian–and internationally famous–novel published in 1908.

Masashi Okuda anwering questions about his presentation
Masashi Okuda anwering questions about his presentation

Staff from Chukyo University’s publicity office were on hand to take photographs while a camera crew taped portions of the event.

Pop Culture Workshop is BACS’ annual student conference, which is open to students across the program. 2016 marks the 13th year the conference has been held. The event is supported by BACS and the Chukyo English Society.

BACS Students Take Prizes at English Presentation Contest

Three third-year students from BACS took part in the 5th Annual All Japan Student English Presentation Contest, held at Kanda University and co-sponsored with the Yomiuri Shimbun.

The all-day event took place on Saturday, December 3rd.

BACS students Yumi Kurobe, Hirotaka Nishimura and Masashi Okuda competed in a field of almost 700 students from across Japan.

(L to R) Kyosuke Maegawa (WEB), Masashi Okuda (BACS), Yumi Kurobe (BACS), Hirotaka Nishimura (BACS)

In total, eight students from the World Englishes Department qualified to compete in the event.

Ms. Kurobe and Mr. Nishimura placed in the top 50 scoring presenters and received the special Top 50 Award along with a gift card.

Their presentation focused on the use of an innovative Japanese product to aid water conservation in California while Mr. Okuda’s presentation focused on the use of software and VR goggles to treat depression.

In a Facebook post Ms. Kurobe said, “I was very inspired by other speakers because their English and presentation skills are awesome. I realized that I need to work harder than now. I’m pretty sure this presentation is great and precious experience for me.”

The students are enrolled courses in BACS third-year Professional English Program. The presentations are based on projects they completed in their classes.

Ms. Kurobe and Mr. Nishimura were winners in the BACS Presentation Contest, held in October.

For more information about the All Japan Student English Presentation Contest,   visit the HP.

BACS Career Networking Talks

On Thursday, November 10th, Mr. Keita Nakashima, a 2013 BACS graduate who is currently working at Pasona Career Company (株式会社パソナ パソナキャリアカンパニー) talked to a group of 30 third-year students about his work experience.

BACS Career Newtworking Talks
Mr. Keita Nakashima of Pasona Career Co. (BACS Class of 2013)

Mr. Nakashima encouraged students to consider various factors, such as work environment and future ambitions, while job hunting and when making a final decision about which company they will work for.


Mr. Nakashima studied abroad in Canada and  worked for AISIN AW Co. Ltd.  and TO Bridge Inc., a Venture capital company, before joining Pasona in 2014.

cn2Mr. Nakashima was joined by Ms. Shiba of Pasona.

The talk was held during the lunchtime in room 541.

The talk is part of BACS Career Networking Series for third-year students in the Professional English program and  was sponsored by BACS and the Chukyo University English Society.

Learn more about BACS Professional English Program (English日本語)

BACS 2016 Presentation Contest

BACS held its first annual Presentation Contest for third-year students on Thursday, October 6th. Four groups of students from Professional English classes gave presentations on business-related themes, including proposals for product marketing and tourism promotion. A panel of judges composed of Ms. Yuna Miyachi, Ms. Miwa Takasugi and Professor Christopher Armstrong commented on each presentation. Time was also available for comments from attendees at the event.

The presentation contest is part of BACS new special Professional English  program, which offers 3rd year students an extensive curriculum of preparation for business, academic and professional life.

We congratulate all participants in this event and thank third-year teachers—Alun, Beverley, Scott and Teobesta—for helping the students prepare.

Awards of book cards were made to winners and participants. Here are the winners for 2016:

1st Place: Hirotaka Nishimura and Yumi Kurobe
2nd Place: Shintaro Kubota, Takamaru Matsumoto and Seiya Fujime
3rd Place: Ayumi Takeichi and Shuya Akune
Participation Prize: Hirotaka Nishimura and Yuto Maruyama

The event was held in the L.S. Wing.

Learn more about BACS Professional English Program (English日本語)

BACS@Open Campus 2016

BACS Radio Interviews and Music

オープンキャンパスではBACS Radio の収録を行います! 来場者の方へのインタビューを予定しております!

BACS Radio will be at Open Campus! Join Chris Armstrong and Tomone Kondo on Saturday and Sunday for interviews and music.

TIME: 11:30 and 15:00

PLACE: Building 14, Room 43H

Our program will be posted on BACS Radio!


BACS Career Networking Talks

On Thursday, June 2nd, 2016, Ms. Nagisa Kurihara spoke to BACS third-year students about job hunting and working life after graduation.

Nagisa Kurihara / 栗原凪沙 様 (BACS 2014) works for Krannich Solar K.K.

Ms. Kurihara is a graduate of BACS (2014). She is employed as  a Sales Assistant (Marketing) for Krannich Solar K.K. , a German Trading company based in Nagoya, which deals in  equipment for solar photovoltaic generation.

Ms. Kurihara discussed a number of issues for graduates working in foreign companies, including hiring, the work place, holidays and benefits and the use of English in the work place. Ms. Kurihara emphasized the importance of email, telephoning, presentations and meeting skills in English.

The talk took place in the L.S. Wing during third period.

cn1The talk is part of BACS Career Networking Series, intended for third-year students in the Professional English program.

Learn more about BACS Professional English Program (English日本語)

BACS Writing Portfolio Awards

2016 BACS Writing Portfolio Awards Winners Announced

Each year BACS gives awards to students in 1st and 2nd year writing classes. Awards are offered for the Best Portfolio, the Most Improved Writer and the Best Essay.

On Tuesday, June 21st, an awards ceremony was held in the L.S. Wing to present prizes to the winners for 2015.

First-Year Winners

Best Portfolio

Tomoe Goto

Most Improved Writer

Eri Aoi

Best Essay

Misaki Hagiwara for “Solutions to Japanese Child Poverty”

Second-Year Winners

Best Portfolio

Mihori Umeda

Most Improved Writer

Shuya Akune

Best Essay

Yuma Suzuki for “Using Drones”

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