2017 English Skit and Performance Contest

Tuesday, June 27th marked the 6th Annual English Skit and Performance Contest for 2nd year students in Oral Communications III of the British and American Studies Department at Chukyo University.  All students involved in the mainstream Oral Communication III classes participated. The event took place in the theater in Room 0304 of the Center Building during 3rd and 4th periods. The directors and organizers were Terry Wacholtz and Allen Williams. The performances were also attended by other students from the department as well as some instructors.

The emphasis for this year’s skits was to take a well-known story and mix a character or storyline from another well-known story or adapt a significant change to the standard tale. All skits were 100% original works. This year saw performances which included classics from the likes of the “3 Little Pigs and the Lonely Wolf” to “Peach and the Beast”, a mixture of “Momotaro” and “Beauty and the Beast”. There were also stories such as “The New Titanic on a Bus” and “The 3 Little Wolves and the Bad Pig”.

For each of the time periods 1st and 2nd Place Team winners were chosen by student voting with Mr. Wacholtz and Mr. Williams determining the Spirit Awards presented to outstanding performers, sort of a 6th Man Award for key role players.

A special thanks to the BACS Department and Professor Chris Armstrong for their continued support for this event and the contributions for the prizes.

3rd Period Winners

1st place group: “New Titanic on the Bus”

Yushi Suzuki

Shunsuke Hirano

Kiyoka Yamamoto

Kohei Sadoyama

2nd Place: “Twisted Peter Pan”

Hitomi Ito

Risa Sakai

Yuki Senda

Koyuki Murasato

Takumi Sugimoto

Spirit Awards 3rd Period

Megumi Hoshi for the Role of Grandpa in “Whisper of the Heart”

Kohei Akao for the Role of Woodsman in “Moon Princess”

4th Period Winners

1st Place Group: “The Woodman & the Golden Axe”

Aoi Suzuki

Eri Tomida

Mana Aoi

Rie Naito

Moe Saito

2nd Place Group: “Snow White and Hanako”

Toshiharu Goda

Miku Tsunashima

Aoki Miyuki

Marino Koike

Spirit Awards 4th Period

Ryunosuke Kakehashi for the Role of Moon Princess in “Moon Princess”

Ayumi Natsume for the Role of Detective in “Detective Konan”