Learning How to Teach English: EPW 2 with Karen Yasuda

Do you want to be an English teacher? Do you want to learn how to teach in English? EPW 2 is the course for you.

Third-year students in Professor Karen Yasuda’s English Project Workshop class gave model teaching lessons on December 6th, 13th and 20th during the fall semester 2016.

The lessons were part of English for Communicative Language Teaching, which prepares students for careers as teachers.

The class spent a number of weeks discussing English teaching and various approaches, and then four groups were formed. Each group decided on their own teaching topic, and a leader was chosen who was responsible for reporting to the instructor with progress reports and questions. Each group also wrote a project proposal, and then created lesson plans to allocate teaching responsibilities.

The model classes included lessons on Photography: The Effect of Colors, Beverages, Functions of the Brain and The Influences of Mass Media.

Professor Yasuda said that “The groups pretty much worked on their own and often asked [me] about their topic and presentation.”

The groups presented their topics using some of the strategies they had learned in class, and all shared teaching responsibilities. After the presentations, there were feedback sessions where students talked about their teaching experience and ways they could improve their teaching skills.

English Project Workshop 2: English for Communicative Language Teaching is part of BACS’ Professional English Program. Read more about it here ( English | 日本語 )