Professional English Program

English Careers in Business and Other Professional Fields

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BACS Professional English Program is aimed at 3rd and 4th year students. The program offers extensive preparation for students interested in careers using English. The program follows a “work simulation” model. Classes are conducted in formal, professional English and students experience practical work situations:  giving presentations, using email, writing CVs and cover letters, creating promotional materials and writing reports, using the telephone and holding meetings in English.

The program also includes special events to help students prepare for job hunting and working life. Each year, a special lecture by working professionals is held. In our Career Networking series of events, students hear talks by BACS graduates who are working in careers in Japan and abroad.

Excellence in student work is recognized in special events such as our BACS English Presentation Contest.

Academic Classes for Graduate School Preparation

Students who have an interest in continuing their academic studies in English at the graduate level–in Japan or abroad–can receive preparation for graduate work by taking 3rd and 4th year English seminars and also by taking special sections of Professional English and Professional Writing. Critical Reading I-II also provides training in advanced reading and academic discussion skills.

Professional English Program Courses

Professional English I-II / III-IV

These 3rd and 4th year classes gives students extensive preparation for using English in the workplace. Skills include: Giving presentations for business and other professional purposes, holding meetings in English, and using the telephone in English. Students in these courses will also learn about the professional etiquette and culture of the English-speaking world through the study of media (TV, film, and documentaries), through career and company research, and through readings on economics and global trade.

Professional Writing I-II

Students in this course learn to write professional English for email communication, writing CVs and cover letters, creating promotional materials in English, publishing journalism and doing report writing. Articles and interviews on business and cultural topics are published in BACS’ student webzine Eigo Daily.

Critical Reading I-II

Students in this  course read and discuss a work or fiction or non-fiction to develop their skills at an advanced level. The course focuses on  vocabulary, reading comprehension and group discussion in Reading Circles.

English Project Workshop

In English Project Workshop, students work under the direction of the teacher to complete a semester-long work project. Students form work teams, take roles such as project leader, researcher, presenter, etc., and plan and complete a work project. Four sections of EPW are offered:

Communicative Language Teaching: Students learn how to plan and teach classes to English learners. International students who are interested in teaching English in Japan can also register for this course.

Interactive Web-Site Creation: Students create a business web site in English

Radio and Sound Production: Students write and produce a radio program for broadcast on the Internet at BACS Radio. The course also includes other sound projects.

Drama Production and Performance: Students produce, promote and perform a short play in English.

Special Activities

Special Lecture Related to Careers

Each year, BACS hold a special career-related lecture for all third-year students. These lectures are given by a professionals in various fields and aim to provide students with valuable advice about their possible career paths.

Career Networking Talks

In our Career Networking series of events, BACS graduates who are working in Japan or abroad give talks to students about careers after graduation, giving advice on English skills, job-hunting, career choice, workplace culture and more.

Informal lunchtime get-togethers of 3rd and 4th year students and guests are also part of the Career Networking Sessions.

BACS Professional English Presentation Contest

Each year students in Professional English I-II compete for prizes for the best business presentation in English. Students from the contest may choose to compete in the National English Presentation Contest, held in Tokyo. Students who choose to compete in that contest receive support from teachers and travel funding from BACS.

BACS Annual Pop Culture Workshop

Each year, BACS holds an academic student conference where seminar students present their research projects to classmates, other students and teachers. The event features a special guest lecture.

Program in British and American Cultural Studies・英語圏文化専攻

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