Our curriculum seeks to balance both academic and practical communicative language skills in both English and Japanese.

Academic Courses in Japanese
Our program offeres a wide variety of lecture and seminar courses in the the literatures and cultures of the English-speaking world. Course offerings include drama, film, literature, popular culture, and linguistics.

English Language Program
The English language program provides extensive training in the four basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Courses focus on English for practical purposes, including travel and living abroad, and English for academic success, including discussion and debate, presentation, and academic writing. Language program courses are taught by full-time and part-time staff with extensive teaching experience.

Academic Courses in English
Lecture courses and seminars in literary and cultural studies are offered in English. In addition to acquiring specialized knowledge in these fields, students develop key academic and professional skills, including essay writing, research and note-taking, critical thinking, and argument.

These courses provide a basis for success in academic study in our overseas programs.