Naoshi Nakagawa

Office: Building 14, room 214
Tel: 6214
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Born in Kagoshima, on 8 October, 1968. Completed graduate work at Nagoya University (Ph.D). Worked for 8 years Nagoya Sangyo University. Joined BACS in April of 2008. Visiting Scholar at St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge, 2005-2006.

M.A. in English Linguistics (Nagoya University, Japan) (1995)
Ph.D. in English Linguistics (Nagoya University, Japan) (2002)

Positions Held:
1999 – 2000: Lecturer, Nagoya Women’s Junior College of Commerce
2000 – 2003: Lecturer, Nagoya Sangyo University
2003 – 2003: Associate Professor, Nagoya Sangyo University
2008 – Present: Associate Professor, Chukyo University
2005 ‐2006: Visiting Scholar, St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge

Comprehensive Teacher-Training Seminar
Teaching Practice
Seminar in British & American Cultural Studies

Research Interests
Theoretical Linguistics

Professional Memberships
The English Linguistic Society of Japan
The English Literary Society of Japan
Modern English Association

Recent Publications and Current Research

“Two Versions of Agree and the Derivation of the Tough Construction,” English Linguistics 24.1 (English Linguistic Society of Japan, 2007).