Doping and the Tour de France

by Ayaka Fuchikami

Why is it necessary for the athletes to take drugs and what are the effects of the drugs? Doping by cyclists results in the loss of medals, disqualification from cycling competition, and, in the worst case, serious physical consequences.

Japanese Food Self-Sufficiency

by Yuku Horibe

The rate of food production in Japan has sharply decreased since 1965. It is remarkable that Japanese food sufficiency is the lowest among the developed countries, including the U.S, France, Germany and Britain.

Rob Gonsalves: Knowledge Makes the World

by Minami Sumiya

Rob Gonsalves sees the unique relations between the world and human activities and he understands the world in a unique way, and it can be said that what makes his works attractive is his idea that the world is made from knowledge.

Are J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Books Political?

by Aura Nurmi

You wouldn’t necessarily think there’s something particularly political about Harry and the magic world in which he lives, but the more you look at it, the more political influences you can find. Here are some points that I think justify why the books can be said to have political aspects to them.