2018 BACS English Skit and Performance Contest

By Allen Williams

Tuesday, June 26th the tradition continued with the 7th Annual English Skit and Performance Contest for 2nd year students in Oral Communication III of the British and American Studies Program. All students involved in the mainstream OC III classes participated. The event once again was held in the theater in Room 0304 of the Center Building during 3rd and 4th periods. The directors and organizers were Terry Wacholtz and Allen Williams. The performances were also attended by other students from the department as well as some instructors.

The challenge to keep this interesting brought a greater emphasis for this year’s skits to take a well-known story and mix a character or storyline from another well-known story into the performance or adapt a significant change to the standard tale. This year saw an increase in original stories involving characters from the classic tales. All skits were once again 100% original works created by the students under the supervision and guidance of classroom instructors. This year saw performances that included twists on classics from the likes of the “3 Little Pigs Drive Their Mom to Evil” to “The Tea Party”, a gathering of Disney princesses who aren’t as nice as we thought they were. There were also stories such as “Tom and Jerry and Sazae-san” along with new takes on “Momotaro and Friends” and “Kagukohime” as well as a story involving a homeless man, Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Iron Man.

For each of the time periods, 1st and 2nd place team winners were chosen through a student vote. Mr. Wacholtz and Mr. Williams selected winners for the Spirit Awards that were presented to recognize outstanding performances by individuals in key roles.

A special thanks to the BACS Program and Professor Chris Armstrong for their continued support for this event and the contributions for the prizes.

3rd Period Winners:

1st place group: True Love

Members: Ryota Shimokawa, Narihiro Takao, Sarika Miyata, Ayana Ito

2nd Place: Cinderella Socks

Members: Minami Taguchi, Shotaro Taida, Takato Yamakita, Ryuji Hirano, Yuto Watanabe. Masaki Tanaka

Spirit Awards 3rd Period: Taiga Kasahara and Yumiko Araki

4th Period Winners:

1st Place Group: The Tea Party

Members: Hinata Kitagawa, Reina Ohnishi, Rina Ishiki, Moe Tamamura

2nd Place Group: The 3 Bad Little Pigs

Members: Sayo Nishizawa, Yuri Abo, Yurika Saiki, Daichi Terazawa

Spirit Awards 4th Period: Yako Kondo and Akira Yagi