Submission Guidelines


Eigo Daily accepts articles and essays in English, including interviews; book, movie and music reviews; and feature articles on culture, politics, student life and more. We also publish news and information of interest to the Chukyo University community as well as creative writing, including poetry and short fiction. From time to time, our magazine will also be hosting radio programs and video productions. Please contact our editorial staff if you would like to make a submission of writing or if you have an idea for radio or video production.

Chris Armstrong: <>

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Contributions by Teaching Staff and the Chukyo Community at Large

We are also seeking submissions from department full-time and part-time staff on topics such as teaching and study skills, personal research, volunteer work, travel, living in Japan and any aspect of culture.

Eigo Daily welcomes submissions from all students and staff in the Chukyo University community.


Preparation of Manuscripts

Electronic Submissions

Please submit your writing as a

(1) Word document (all versions acceptable) and include

(2) a short biography (max. 25 words). (See our Contributors’ page for examples.)

(3) Please make sure your full name (and the name of co-authors) is included in your email and in the text of your writing.

(4) Please also include a contact email address in the text file of your submission.

Any graphics to be included should be attached separately to the email. Please make sure to check the copyright status of any graphics that you include.

Your email subject line should be written as follows:  “Your FULL NAME – Eigo Daily Submission.” You will be notified by a member of the editorial staff about any required revisions to the manuscript as well as the publication schedule.


Eigo Daily Writing Guides

See our guidelines for writing movie reviews and book reviews, and conducting interviews. (PDF download)