BACS Learn and Share Orientation for Freshmen


BACS held its first annual special orientation for freshmen on Thursday, April 26th. This event, supported by the Chukyo University English Society, aims to help new students get ready for success in our program. The day of activities includes inspirational talks, tips for successful English studies, information about study abroad programs and more than 20 prizes for participants.

In the morning in the 1st year seminar Introduction to English Studies, students received their Language Portfolios, which will help guide students towards their English goals and keep a record of their work and accomplishments. Students also received guidance about academic studies from their Japanese teachers Arinori Mori, Kiyo Sugiura and Hajime Uchikawa.

At lunchtime in the Wing, the 2017 BACS Portfolio Writing Awards were presented, with the help of 2nd year Academic Writing teacher Allen Williams. We also heard a presentation from Chukyo ESS, who are planning another year of drama events for Chukyo students.

In afternoon Oral Communication classes, students heard presentations by senpai about their study abroad experience. In the 3rd period, Nagisa Sakaguchi talked about his experience in the US on the semester program while Ms. Mika Mashimo from the International Center talked about her overseas experience and the various programs offered by the Center. In the 4th period, it was Misaki Hagiwara, a senior in BACS, who presented her experience as an exchange student at Marshall University in the US. Ms. Saki Kajita from the Center talked about her overseas experience and the programs available from the Center.

In the 5th period, BACS held a special event in the L.S. Wing, which was attended by more than 40 freshmen and senpai. Things started off with a talk by Kaishu Hijikata entitled “English was My Game Changer,” in which Kaishu explained the many ways in which English has changed his life.

Students enjoyed drinks and snacks.

The event also featured a Stamp Rally with four presentations on English skills by 2nd and 4th year students. Natsumi Kato talked about improving speaking skills while Riki Hotta gave advice about English reading. Naoko Agata told students how to use pop music for learning everyday English expressions while Koyuki Ishikawa talked about ways to use movies for improving listening skills.

Things concluded with a draw for more than 20 prizes to help out with university life: App Store cards, Starbucks cards (You need coffee to study, right?), book coupons, pens and notebooks, USB drives and more.