Homestay in New Zealand

By Ayaka Sawada

Four years ago, Ayako went to New Zealand to brush up her English skills. She said that the reason why she had decided to go to New Zealand was that it was safe. She also said that it was comfortable for her to stay in New Zealand. The climate is different from that in Japan. Of course, the season is upside down. While Japan is humid, New Zealand is dry, so she didn’t feel uncomfortable. However, there were a few problems. She said there were no convenience stores and there was no bus service. New Zealand is not as convenient as Japan. She talked about her host family. They were so kind though she couldn’t speak English a lot. She used gestures instead of speaking English. She said that to communicate with her host family was difficult, but gradually she could speak English very fluently through these experiences.

Ayaka Sawada is a first-year student in the Dept. of British and American Cultural Studies.