Chie’s career exploration: Financial Analyst

Hello, everyone. My name is Chie. Today, I am going to tell you about being a financial analyst.

According to my Myers-Briggs test results, my personality type was EMTJ. This means that I am very extroverted, and I like to have responsibility and be a leader. My personality fits some careers, such as bankers, labour relation leaders, project managers, and financial planners. From these results, I chose Financial analyst to research. Financial analysts help people decide on how to invest their money. They often work for banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, and securities firms.

Financial analysts work for a long hours. Sometimes, they work overtime and on weekends. In addition, their schedules are filled with telephone calls and meetings, and travel is a part of their work because they have to visit customers’ houses to discuss investments. Also, they have to be on call, so iit is difficult to do this part time because analysts have to work such long hours. Working as a financial analyst is also charged with high risk, for if they make mistake, it would be possible to make a company bankrupt.

Financial analysts need skills to successful, such as math, computer, and communication skills to explain difficult things to customers easily. A college degree in business, accounting, statistics, or fiance is also necessary, and an MBA is also desirable.

Regarding the job outlook for financial analysts, the number of employed in 2008 was 250,600. It is expected that this number will reach 300,300 in 2018. In May 2008, the lowest salary was $43,440 and the highest one was $141,070. To get promoted, analysts need four years of related experience and pass three exams, but their salary could be higher depending on their customers and the amount of achievement.

The advantages of being a financial analyst include good pay, having a lot of knowledge about the economy, and related careers for lateral transfer such as accountants and sale agents. Some disadvantages are the high risks, stress, the need to be decisive, and the years of study it takes to become an analyst.

As you know, before getting a well-paid job such as financial analyst, it is difficult to become because you have to learn a lot of things and get a graduate degree. Whether you will become one or not must be a big bet in your life. Moreover, you have high risk from deciding where to invest money. However, I think this is a good job because the costumers will be happy if you make a lot of effort at work. Money is important for every one’s lives, so this job is worth doing.

3 thoughts on “Chie’s career exploration: Financial Analyst

  1. Jerry Talandis Jr.

    Oh, nice job, Chie! Your first blog post. Congratulations. It was very interesting to read about being a financial analyst. Are you thinking to become one?

  2. kanan

    Hello, Chie. I read your blog!!
    It is really interesting, but being a financial analyst seems a little bit hard.
    What was the most difficult things to find out about a finacial analyst?

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