Career discovery presentations

For our 1st prensentation, students took a version of the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory (MBPI) test online and came up with a list of careers that could be a match for their personality type. From this list each student choose one career to explore in detail. They all researched the following aspects of the career:

  • Working conditions: Where do people doing this career work? What are typical working hours? Are they on-call? Do they often need to work overtime?
  • Qualifications: What qualifications are needed for this career? What skills and abilities are required or would be helpful to have?
  • Job outlook: What is the overall hiring trend for this career? Is it increasing, decreasing, or staying level? Is it hard to find a job? Why or why not? Are part-time opportunities available?
  • Salary: What is the average starting salary? What can you expect to earn with more experience?
  • Advantages/Disadvantages: What are the good and bad points of this career?
  • Overall impressions: What are your impressions of this career? Can you imagine yourself doing it? Why or why not?

Some of the students already had a clear idea of what they wanted to do, so this project helped them clarify they career goals. Most students, however, were not clear on what they wanted to do. This project helped them consider doing something they had not thought of before. In this way, even if they realized that the career they investigated was not for them, at least they learned what they didn’t want to do. Hopefully this can lead them a bit closer to realizing what career was right for them.

I hope you enjoy reading over these career explorations. The students put a lot of work into them. By answering all of these questions, each student was able to learn a lot about a possible career type, even if they only realized that they did not want to do it. We hope that by reading their stories you will be able to think about what you would like to do.

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