Ayumi’s career exploration : English Teacher for Children

Here is my presentation on Teaching English to children.

We did a test that matches our personality to various careers, and its called the Myers-Briggs Personality test. There are 16 types, and I was an ENFJ, which is called “The Giver.” The main careers for this personality type are counsellor, trainer, designer, marketing specialist and teacher. I chose teacher because I am interested in teaching English, especially to children.

There are 2 main places where English teachers for kids work. First there are private English schools, such as ECC, Aeon, Peppy, and YAMAHA. Secondly, there are the places where everyone goes, elementary schools. There are many differences between these two working places, but the big one is class size. In addtion, in elementary schools there is a possibility of doing team teaching while in private schools it is mostly individual teaching.

The working hours, salary, and everything else depends on where you work, so from now on I would like to focus on teaching at a private school. To be a private school English teacher, you need a college or university degree. Additionally, you could take the J-Shine as an extra qualification. This is a qualification where you can learn how to teach English to children. You can take it in japan, or you can also take it abroad. I took it in Australia in 6 weeks. It was not easy, but it made me feel I want to do this job.

Teaching English to children is a job that is increasing. From 2011 English will be a subject in elementary schools in Japan. As a result, many parents want their children to go to English cram schools. However, it is a career that is changing and growing, so people doing this job must remain flexible.

The salary depends on where you work. Taking Yamaha, for example, if you work 4 days a week and have a TOEIC score of 730 and 60 students, you can earn about 136,000 yen/month. If you work 6 days a week, have a 730 TOEIC score and have 80 students, it will be about 185,000 yen. In other words, your salary depends on your hours, TOEIC score, and the number of students you teach.

The best thing about the job is that you can get energy from children. On the other hand, you have to be always energetic with the children, too. Their are many people starting to teach English after marriage. This is a good thing for woman and there is also teaching English to children at your own home. You have to be careful with parents who are sometimes over-zealous. However, you can see the children growing and this gives you a positive feeling.

Finally, as I said before, this job is increasing. Everyone is starting to have a interest in English. However, even tough I recently saw that two places changed into English private schools, iit is not easy to find a full time job right now. However, I think that will change, and I believe in the future a lot of children will start liking English.

Thank you for reading about my presentation.

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