Research Project

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Research Topics
Early in the course, we will form groups to research, write and produce a short podcast on life in the 1920s. Below is a list of possible topics. A list of useful books and articles for your research is here. There are numerous online sources about Fitzgerald and the 1920s.

Update: Here are the topics which have been chosen for research projects.

Women’s Fashions

Hair and Make-Up in the 1920s

Music and Dance

Literature, Leisure and Travel in the 1920s

Men’s Fashions

Men and Women in the 1920s

Food and Drink


Visual Cultures

Your podcast should be between 5 and 15 minutes in length. You should have the following elements:

(1) Music to introduce your program–preferably music connected with the 1920s.

(2) A brief introduction of the series, the program theme, and the names of the hosts.

(3) One or more segments explaining the main topic of the program. You can add music to break up the segments if you wish.

(4) A closing that repeats the title, the names of the hosts, and the names of all the members who worked on the program.

There are two locations for recording a podcast. Keys to these rooms are available from 9 AM to 5 PM from the Gakuji Center on the first floor of building 14.

(1) The Eibei English Society Room 432 (Building 14, 4th floor)

Three microphones, three pairs of headphones, mixer, CD-MD-Cassette player, Mac Mini with Garageband software.

(2) Teacher-student preparation room (Room 222, building 4, 2nd floor)

One microphone, one set of headphones, one mixer, one USB piano keyboard, Mac Mini with Garageband software.

After the series of the programs is completed, they will be uploaded to the department’s student Internet radio station Eibei Radio <>