Week 1: Introduction: What Is Poetry? 
I. Formal Approach: Basic Terms

Week 2: I. Formal Approach: Sound, Rhythm, Meter & Traditional Forms. 
II. Biographical Approach: Lecture on Poets I

Week 3: III. Contextual Approach: American at the Turn of the Twentieth Century (Test on Key Terms)

Week 4: Imagism and the Birth of Modernism

Week 5: Modernism

Week 6: The Experience of War, 1900-1967

Week 7: The Harlem Renaissance 1

Week 8: The Harlem Renaissance 2 (Notebooks Due)

Week 9: Review (Mid-Term Test)

Week 10: Post War and Cold War: Confessional Poetry (Essay Assigned)

Week 11: New American Poetry: New York, San Francisco and Black Mountain Poets

Week 12: The Beat Generation

Week 13: Singer-songwriters of the 
Counter Culture (Draft of Essay Due)

Week 14: The Black Arts Movement (Notebooks Due)

Week 15: New Trends and New Voices in American Poetry, 1970-2000 (Final Essay Due