Homework for Week 4

I. Read the poem you were assigned. Listen to the poems on the homepage and view the links if you have time. Download the handout “Imagism and Free Verse” (PDF 49 KB).

Listen to “In a Station of the Metro” by Ezra Pound

Listen to “The Red Wheel Barrow” by William Carlos Williams

Listen to “The Great Figure” by Williams Carlos Williams

Listen to “Heat” by H.D.

Listen to “Oread” by H.D.

Listen to “The Fisherman’s Wife” by Amy Lowell

Listen to “A London Thoroughfare, 2 A.M.” by Amy Lowell

2. Write one or two paragraphs about the poem. Discuss structure and meaning.

3. Begin preparation for the Mid-Term test–if you wish. (Download: PDF, 81 KB)

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