Homework for Week 2 (April 13th)

Read the poem you were assigned. Go to the homepage and listen to the poem.

Write one or two paragraphs in your notebook.

(1) Describe the poem’s structure.

(2) Discuss the poem’s meaning or message.

Use the handouts to help you.

Focus Questions:

1. “Miniver Cheevy“:
Who is Miniver Cheevy and what is his problem? Give examples to explain his problem. Check an online encyclopedia to understand  the following the following allusions:  Thebes, Camelot (l. 11), the Medici (l. 17). Choose one and explain.

2. “Richard Cory“:
Who is the speaker of the poem? What kind of person is Richard Cory? Give examples from the poem. Why did Richard Cory kill himself?

3. “We Wear the Mask“:
Who is the speaker of the poem? What problem does the speaker describe? Why does the speaker use “we” throughout the poem?

4. “Sympathy“:
Who is the speaker of the poem? Why does the speaker sympathize with the bird? Explain with examples from the poem.