Hideaki NIWA


An old bronze's demolition,
A crowd of people's demoralization,
These were eruptions of their tolerance.

Break your tight rope's restrictions
To get your independence.
There's nothing to fear from their decadence.

Throwing stones against the tanks was carried on
Though the army threatened to kill'em all.
Warning signs in the land were over immediately.
Dictating people by power had broken finally.

Bursting, the buds have overflowed with freedom.
All of them believed they'd with from start to finish.

Never throw your hates away
'Cause you're a man, your enemy's a man.
Never throw yourself away.
Never throw justice in purging corruption away!


Leading by the nose

that's done by someoe
who takes it for granted he can get what he needs.
Leaving in the lurch
that's done by someone
who has the power of tainted authority.

Beating the dead horse

that's done by someone
who's gotta work hard to get more money for the good life.
Believing in nothing
that's done by someone
who's led around by the smell of money.

Endless desire drugs people, they can't live without it.
Needless luxuries corrupt people leaving society bankrupt.

Bending the knee

that's done by someone
who does so to disguise his pride.
Hitting the jackpot
that's the desire of everyone
even if they don't lust for money.

Endless desire drugs people, they can't live without it.
Senseless fellows always think how to go on with this good life.

No! No need to help our own life,
No! No need to get any more wealth,
No! No need to make our life much longer,
No! No need to want more conveniences,



Raising malformed cloud's suffusion,
Dazing sudden occasion in the field,
It's a sky aglow with the setting sun
As though it's an evening glow of the final day.

Test of the bomb.
The beginning of the END.
The biggest END.
We can easily smell its stench.

Gaze the dream-island's confusion.
Stay your breath with caution in the field.
Is this done by God concerning the test?
Eternal sleep of the land had a bitter taste.

The beginning og the END.
WAR warning against our spin of life
that shortens our span of life.
CALM calm before the man-made storm,
symbol of the vulgar soul.

Only one shot ate it perfectly.
It's drowned at sea by the shot eternally.
Can disaster conclude that it's just one fate?
Green mixing red turned into blue and grey.


His destiny was to kill himself.
His suicide was aimed at expressin' himself.
His death is a mystery,
The ultimate act of expression.

Already he's dead.
After death could he know
if his dream had come true or not?
Who benefitted from his act?

Bullet's flying.
Blood streamed from scars inside
to where he'd go.

The ability to control ourselves,
Not all of us have it necessarily.
Even if one person wants to have it,
Sickness or someone keeps us from it.

Already he's dead.
After death, could he know
if his dream had come true or not?
Who benefitted from his act?

A plot's forming.
Pride screamed at him inside
to manupulate him.

Some people praise him that death's with honor.
What's the meaning of honor?
Is honor worth more than life?

Live or die? True or lie?
I don't know what I can.
A half eaten apple pie's now corrupted by yellow flies.

Dread of alienation.
Tread of hindrance.
There's nothing to dread of doing.
You can do everything!!

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